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Growing and Selling Your Company
6 Essential Insights from Entrepreneurs Who’ve Been There

As an entrepreneur, you’re at the heart of our country’s economic growth. You’re an innovator who works hard and takes risks to turn your ideas into reality, thus creating value for your stakeholders. Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, however, there are plenty of hurdles to overcome. When you’re growing your startup, you’re not only managing the business but also taking time to raise funds to invest. And even once your company is thriving, you cannot rest on your laurels. You have to maintain that level of success and think strategically about the endgame. How will you plan for your business exit? How do you monetize the value you’ve built so you have cash on hand for your next venture, your retirement or to fund any of your dreams?

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How to react to an offer to sell your business:
a Life Sciences LSP Case Study

Triumph Consulting is a language services provider (LSP) that provides a variety of specialized translation services to life sciences companies. John French, the Owner and CEO, built a solid team and reputation within the life sciences industry and maintained a strong client-centric focus throughout Triumph Consulting’s 25-year history, which paid off in terms of both sales growth and customer satisfaction. To say that John was proud of the thriving organization he had built would be an understatement.

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Strategic Exit Advisors is an investment bank focused on
mergers and acquisitions in the technology and healthcare sectors. We are located halfway between NYC and Philadelphia.



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Jul 20 2018