"SEA did an excellent job of ensuring that my team and I were thoroughly prepared for every interaction."

-Philip Patrick, CEO, PharmaStrat, Inc.

​Learn more about how SEA can help you meet your financial or legacy goals for your business.

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We keep you informed

For example, we do upfront analysis and tell you what your company is worth … rather than letting the market deliver bad news after you’ve engaged us. 

​Our processes maximize value

Our practices put sellers in a sellers’ market and buyers in a buyers’ market so you can maximize the value of your transaction. And if you’re not planning to buy or sell, we show you how to increase the value of ongoing business operations.

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Why Choose SEA?

We’re selective

We won’t take on an engagement unless we believe that we can help your company. We ensure our interests are perfectly aligned with our clients goals.

You work with SEA partners

From initial engagement through the sale. There’s no need to worry about being shunted off to an unproven trainee — you’re in the hands of experienced professionals. Since we’ve designed and implemented liquidity or succession plans for three decades, we have the know-how to avoid pitfalls and navigate the way to a successful sale. 

Whether you want to transfer control to a family member, create an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) or sell to a third party, we can help you develop a comprehensive plan to boost the likelihood of a profitable sale. Discover a variety of options to prepare your business for sale, complete the transaction and convert business equity into cash … and choose the one that’s right for you.

Cultivate Growth
Create Value
& Cash Out
If you own a U.S. company up to $150 million in revenues, Strategic Exit Advisors (SEA) can help you strengthen its operations to build value, grow it through acquisition, develop a liquidity plan or sell your business



​If your business’ potential for organic growth doesn’t meet your goals, a strategic acquisition may open up the playing field. We can help you find a match that gives you access to new markets, provides complementary skills, products and services, and makes your company stronger than ever. 


​Business Operations

​You want your business to fire on all cylinders and to be easy, profitable and fun to operate. We’ll assess your business’ strengths and weaknesses, and help you address the issues that curb your success. We deliver improvements in value based on measureable ROI.

Grow Your Business’ Value

We help you grow your business’ value and build your wealth through:

Unlock Your Wealth

​To unlock the wealth tied up in your business, it takes a solid liquidity plan and/or an intelligent approach to the sale.

Selling Businesses

​Converting your largest illiquid asset into cash is a complex process.

First, it’s challenging to determine a business’ value. That’s because its value depends on future earnings that are subject to risks. Also, your business is unlike any other. So, it’s not like selling your house in a development where you can estimate the value based on prices of similar homes.

​Second, you require confidentiality. That means you cannot attract buyers with a “for sale” sign. Because of this, while enticing prospective buyers, we keep all communications confidential and ensure a smooth process from initial consultation to a successful sale.

Liquidity Planning

When you’re transferring business ownership, you want to meet financial and legacy goals. Working with you and your advisors, we develop a plan for you to leave your business on your terms and timetable.